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PAX integration

PAX and Verifone integration with PC software

POS terminal integration software is a bridge between the billing application and the payment application, it allows the merchant to automatically send the sales request, transaction amount, transaction id, etc.


Project Scope
JavaPython.NetAndroidTestingPAX A920PAX A910Verfione X990Paytm EDC
RS232 Serial communicationSocket CommunicationBluetooth communicationUSB Connection


Establish the communication between the PAX to the windows application..What kind of Data packet send to the PAX terminal App?
What kind of Data packet send to the PAX terminal App?How to handle the threads at the communication breakdown?
In breakdown time how to kill the pipeline data to free the port.


There are very fewer data available for the communication between hardware to software integration. The main challenge in this project is to understand the requirements of payment app, at what kind of data it wanted to “proceed for payment” and in which format and after “completion of payment”, how to request the payment application to get the response and in which language it will understand the “request” and “response”.

MarketplaceIOCLNayaraPaytmHPCLENagarpalikaUniversitiesParking etc.


The biggest advantage of this integration software is to easily integrate billing application with payment app automatically. The main benefits are:

Make fast and easy payment method.Reduce time in billing.
Link Payment application with billing application.Easy to manage the EOD report.
Send packet of data to the PAX.Reduce the manual errors.

Team Work:

Great teams make great products! Frequent stand-ups, updates, brainstorms, planning sessions along with regular demos and retrospective meetings made working on the Play NEXT project successful. The cooperation between various teams was key and the common goal of creating a brand new product connected them all.