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Nwaresoft’s IoT Energy Controller is an IoT device that is capable of controlling 3-phase electric switching power system like the High Mast Lighting system, Heavy Electronic/Electrical device in industries. With this device, a wide range of devices including Home Appliances can be remotely accessed and controlled using your mobile or desktop.

IoT Energy Controller is Nwaresoft Pvt. Ltd.’s unique conceptual developed IoT device, through any IoT Energy Controller device, can access over Mobile App or Web App on computers. In this device, three types of communication are used LoRa, GSM module and Node MCU ESP module, which is connected over the internet, among communications connected to the IoT device simultaneously and vice-versa, in case, if among network is failed then also, it has an ambient light sensor through which this device will still work.

IoT device data receiving in the cloud server and transmitting over cloud server through the application, where Back-End Application Processed all the data and render to the mobile app and Web App. We offered a Controlling part in this device like Switched ON/OFF, Total Energy Consume, Voltage, Current, Load, Power Factor, 3 Phase switching, Switch ON/OFF in Phase wise. In Dashboard, we render data like ON/OFF switch, total Voltage Phase wise, Total Current phase-wise, Load, Power Factor including Graphs, and reports, etc. IoT device has Alert Notification like Power Failure, Voltage fluctuation, Current Fluctuations, Incoming phase power failure, etc.


The GMR-IoT device developed on extensive research, expensive cost, a large developer team, take a long time and testing with demo test and live-site also, this research and searching gave us very effective information about the device. That effective information helped us a lot and finally, we made this IoT device.

Developer faced many challenges like 3 Phase switching, Two-way communication and vice-versa, controlling through Cloud server, Ambient light sensor, security from unauthorized access, web app/mobile app, etc. If you are confusing about 3 phase switching, let me understand you, every incoming power has 3 phase power supply, so in this device, if anyone or two phases are powered down then the other phases automatic transfer power load to the power down phases however if all phase is down then the device will be shut down till power up.



Frontend Mock-upDesign in CodeDevelopmentTestingInstallation


UI/UX DesignProcessed All Fetched DataAndroid App Development
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As IoT energy controller’s team member, we provided development, design and project management expertise, but also cooperated with other teams involved in the project. However, if you have any concept about any project we will also go through on your concept, we develop, design and manage time according to your concept, needs, and preferences. The revolutionary IoT solution is thoughtfully designed to provide the smoothest and most satisfying experience possible. This has a lot to do with system permissions management that is suited to users with different needs and preferences.

IoT devices Mobile app and web app also developed and design by the client-side and our side if the client all tasks hand over to our team. Our premises that we could develop or changes over the night. So, if our clients need changes in high priority, our team always welcome for that. That’s our main USB.

Nwaresoft Pvt. Ltd. delivered a complex project, starting from development, through management and design. We worked in a dynamic environment and I appreciate the flexibility of the whole team. I can safely say that the whole product is our common success.


We provide design patterns a way to build an IoT device in well-specified ways and to provide an understanding of the use of different components of the system in system architecture. An architecture can be constructed from a set of design layout, and from this, the behavior of the system may be modeled and understood.

We have focused on a set of design layout around data models and information models for the IoT device and most recently began investigating an open stack approach, where use-case appropriate end to end solutions can be built from various components and design layout.

Design layout for connected things represents the fundamental proposition of an IoT; that is connecting things using networks and software. In UI/UX design layout, we focus on creativity, simplicity and the clarity of user’s flow, and the distribution of content was one of the key elements in the design, strongly based on testing and profound research. What makes this journey even nicer is the visual design, customized UI, and animated background. The team also made sure the process of delivering, getting convenient and easy for the users.


The biggest advantages of Nwaresoft Pvt. Ltd, we mainly approach our client with external systems and hourly chart with the client until we are cleared about the project. Nevertheless, our team dived into this exciting venture with an enthusiastic approach. We’re creating a brand-new solution for developing IoT device that needs to evolve and forward-looking Nwaresoft’s team constantly worked on the product—that meant no fixed scenarios and openness for new solutions. Nwaresoft development team is flexible and often worked on prototypes. What also optimized the work of developers, is the way we managed backend—our engineers provided the test environment to start without hesitation while waiting for the final prototype. This way we approach the project allowed us to work simultaneously and in a synchronized way.


Great teams make great products! Frequent stand-ups, updates, brainstorms, planning sessions along with regular demos and retrospective meetings made working on the IoT device project successful. The cooperation between various teams was key and the common goal of creating a brand-new product connected them all.