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As a banking & financial software development company, we offer top-notch banking solutions to businesses which increase their agility, cost leadership and operational efficiency. Our software developers build innovative banking applications viz. POS apps and integration, payment gateways, blockchain wallets and other individual features.

End to End IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping almost every industry, from manufacturing and transportation to home automation, telecommunications, and healthcare. By connecting devices with systems, data, and people, with our help you can introduce more personalised, automated, and enhanced experiences for your customers.





Asset Monitoring and Management System

Kibog is an Integrated asset management solution that includes Remote Monitoring, Maintenance & Work Order Management and Inventory Management. It enables asset managers (facility managers, property managers, etc.) to measure and manage the performance & utilization of an asset throughout its lifecycle while providing Insights & Analytics for decision making. Kibog is cloud-based and licenses on a user subscription basis.


UI/UX Design Finance and pricing Management Work Order Management & Maintenance
Task Management Inventory management Email Parser
Live tracking of assets Real time alerts and notifications via mail and message Preventive maintenance
SLA Management Customer, Supplier and Technician portal Document repository
Technician Scheduling


To provide a user-friendly product there were lot of challenges in the Kibog Roadmap. Here are some of them:

Demand of modern costumer of having dynamic controls. Own created settings and rules.
Alignment of all the modules with coordination of each other’s. Keeping eye on the Assets for analyzing their performance & utilization.
Based on the user provided details or events generating decision making events. Parsing email of different format to fulfill user’s need.
Maintaining financial details precisely up to lowest limit.


As Kibog, we provided development design, and project management expertise, but also cooperated with other teams involved in the project. The revolutionary is thoughtfully designed to provide the smoothest and most satisfying experience possible. This also focus to provide an Integrated asset management solution that includes Remote Monitoring, Maintenance & Work Order Management and Inventory Management. This has a lot to do with permissions management that is suited to users with different needs and preferences.


How to transfer the real-life, tedious process of managing work order, monitoring assets and financial aspect of the works in an application? Definitely not by doing it literally. One of the key challenges for our Creative Team was to create such an information architecture that will guide users, while keeping them aware of the crucial steps of the process. The clarity of users’ flow and the distribution of content was one of the key elements in the design, strongly based on testing and research. The team also focus on the regular feedback of the user on design and workflow to make it more user friendly and presentative. What makes this journey even nicer is the visual design, customized UI, and simple UI. The team also made sure the process of delivering the application is convenient and easy for the users.


The biggest advantages of Kibog, the smooth flow of the application and simple UI to manage such a complex solution, were at the same time the most challenging elements for our developers. Nevertheless, our team dived into this exciting venture with an enthusiastic approach as we all bore in mind that we’re creating a brand-new solution that needs to evolve. The forward-looking team constantly worked on the product—that meant no fixed scenarios and openness for new solutions. Kibog’s development team was flexible and often worked on prototypes. What also optimized the work of developers, was the way we managed backend—our developers provided the test environment to start without hesitation while waiting for the final code. This example of an agile approach to the project allowed us to work simultaneously and in a synchronized way.

Team Work:

Great teams make great products! Frequent stand-ups, updates, brainstorms, planning sessions along with regular demos and retrospective meetings made working on the Kibog project successful. The cooperation between various teams was a key and the common goal of creating a brand-new product connected them all.