Banking & Financial

As a banking & financial software development company, we offer top-notch banking solutions to businesses which increase their agility, cost leadership and operational efficiency. Our software developers build innovative banking applications viz. POS apps and integration, payment gateways, blockchain wallets and other individual features.

End to End IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping almost every industry, from manufacturing and transportation to home automation, telecommunications, and healthcare. By connecting devices with systems, data, and people, with our help you can introduce more personalised, automated, and enhanced experiences for your customers.



Internet of things

End to End IoT Solutions

Imagine a society where we will have more connected devices than people living on the planet. In the immediate future year 2025, more than 24.9 billion Internet of Things (IoT) connections* are forecasted compared to the estimated human population of 8.1 billion people.


Multi domain IoT solution, providing differentiated benefits to client needs.

From Planned City to Smart City or whether it is healthcare, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing or home automation, almost all verticals are already embracing IoT to become digitized, smart and more connected.

Nwaresoft’s IoT framework is an end-to-end offering designed to put customer experience at the core to deliver tangible outcomes such as generating new revenue streams, driving productivity and enabling competitive differentiation. The framework comprises solutions and services across five critical areas:

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Consulting, advisory and business support

Identifying best-fit use cases and designing roadmaps to support one or more specific digital business objectives (for example, implementing IoT solutions to reduce cost or increase revenue).

Device/ Module Engineering

A collaborative and iterative device engineering approach that applies design thinking concepts and principles to fully leverage cross-functional expertise for IoT success.

Strategic Integration

Holistic device, data and application integration strategy customized to individual implementation requirements.

Improve app maintainability

We’ll help you create application interfaces that promote usability, boost consumer engagement and provide a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Platforms and applications

Multiple best-of-breed solutions to create the right platform for identified business requirement.

Operations and managed services

Operations and managed services to help businesses realize sustained value from their IoT investments.