Banking & Financial

As a banking & financial software development company, we offer top-notch banking solutions to businesses which increase their agility, cost leadership and operational efficiency. Our software developers build innovative banking applications viz. POS apps and integration, payment gateways, blockchain wallets and other individual features.

End to End IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping almost every industry, from manufacturing and transportation to home automation, telecommunications, and healthcare. By connecting devices with systems, data, and people, with our help you can introduce more personalised, automated, and enhanced experiences for your customers.

Energy & Utilities

In the rapidly changing energy & utilities industry, providers who turn to IT technologies gain a competitive edge. From addressing compliance and supply chain challenges to collecting and interpreting field and customer data, energy companies are finding greater efficiency through managed cloud services.


Energy & Utilities

Nwaresoft experts can help you in managing your By choosing Nwaresoft, you allow your internal IT teams to focus on revenue-generating efforts.Our experts produce cutting edge energy management solutions that cater to the growing technical needs of the energy & utilities industry.

As an experienced IT company, we understand the technologies behind power & energy & we program software’s that allow businesses to optimize the management of these systems.

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Nwaresoft combines technological expertise, specific domain experience, and passion for excellence to deliver enterprise-grade solutions. Our team meticulous development process includes:

Utility Management Software

Our developers are industry experts that create customized cutting edge utility software to faultlessly capture data such as cost and consumption.

Energy Portfolio Management

Our energy management solutions embrace IOT with cloud technologies toget the organization a control of their energy portfolio while lowering cost & balancing energy needs.

Utility Asset Management

Our energy management developers are experts in creating software’s to assist businesses with tracking, documentation & performance monitoring.