Banking & Financial

As a banking & financial software development company, we offer top-notch banking solutions to businesses which increase their agility, cost leadership and operational efficiency. Our software developers build innovative banking applications viz. POS apps and integration, payment gateways, blockchain wallets and other individual features.

End to End IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping almost every industry, from manufacturing and transportation to home automation, telecommunications, and healthcare. By connecting devices with systems, data, and people, with our help you can introduce more personalised, automated, and enhanced experiences for your customers.



API Development

Consumer is the main focus of any business to survive, however, with the coming age technology and rapid changes in industry, it’s difficult to retain; especially while your critical IT resources are tied up maintaining your existing application infrastructure.


API Development

Nwaresoft experts can help you in managing your application hosting environment across custom, packaged and SaaS apps, on your choice of in-door servers or cloud platforms. We can handle all the details, from database services, to administration, application hosting monitoring and maintenance, configuration and more to help you get the ROI that you need to outclass the competition.
Our innovation-led approach to application services helps you to reinvent your enterprise application portfolio, making use of emerging technology and building with speed and agility to enable you to meet business needs, now and in the future.

Deliver new apps

Modernize your legacy apps along with enhanced capabilities

Balance the cost and complexity of your digital transformation

Ready to future-proof your applications?

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Nwaresoft combines technological expertise, specific domain experience, and passion for excellence to deliver enterprise-grade solutions. Our team meticulous development process includes:

Experience/Requirement Definition

Deliver design-led delightful experiences built on a deep empathy for customers. Conquer context, content and channel to make CX your competitive advantage.


Make your data do more. Act on your next opportunity, next pitfall and next threat before you must. Get to the source of the insights instead of relying on derivatives! Leverage enterprise knowledge and sense micro-feedback to respond in an agile and meaningful way.


Modernize your core systems to tackle high-frequency decision making at the speed of insights and achieve zero latency. Build a digital infrastructure that enables your enterprise to listen, learn and leverage entrenched knowledge to make better decisions with minimal intervention.

Assure/Testing and QA

Run the business, not the risks. Bring the power of artificial intelligence to build a deeply automated foundation that also serves up vital insights to prioritize execution of change.